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Welcome to the official website of Hanover Youth Hockey Association, Inc., a non-profit organization located in Hanover, Massachusetts dedicated to the development of our youth in hockey excellence.  Please send all mail to:

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Parents, we are very excited to announce a partnership with Crossfit...
Referees Needed!
Welcome to the 2016-2017 Season!
Teams for the 2016-2017 season have been posted for:   Girls...
Parents, we are very excited to announce a partnership with Crossfit South Shore and their owner Jonathan Flight.  Jonathan and his coaches are well-trained and have a great amount of experience not just in the sport of fitness, but in training athletes to maximize performance.  I can personally attest that Crossfit has been a great outlet for me both physically and mentally.  I've done some training at Crossfit South Shore and was very impressed with their facility and coaching, including Coach Greg Neville on of our own HYHA coaches.  You can read about the gym and their coaches at  Please read below for information on the program that Crossfit South Shore has developed for our athletes.

Have a good summer, John

Dear HYHA Parents,

Welcome to the first session of the HYHA Hockey Specific Conditioning Program at CrossFit South Shore! I am very excited to get this started and begin hitting PR’s (personal records), learning the fundamentals of strength training, fun games that doubled as a workout  and for our older athletes the beginning of weight training.

CrossFit is appropriate for all ages using the methodology of scaling and modifying. One athlete may be performing a squat using just their body weight until they have proficient form and technique while another athlete is using resistance such as a barbell. I have found that no matter the age of the athlete proper movement is key in producing good athletes of any age.

This program is a 4 week program from 8/01/16 - 8/24/16. Class times are 3 pm Mondays and Wednesdays. The program is designed to be 2 X per week but I would advise in season athletes with 5 or more games/practices per week to do 1 X per week. The cost of the program is $125 for 2x per week and $75 for 1 X per week, plus handling charges.
The registration url's are: 
1X per week $75
2X per week $125

Monday-3:00 pm
Wednesday-3:00 pm

Can't wait to get these kids stronger off ice and see what they can do on the ice! Hope to see you all during our first session Monday 8/1/16 at 3pm.


Jonathan M. Flight
Crossfit South Shore
145 Webster St.
Hanover, MA 02339

by posted 07/25/2016
Referees Needed!

by posted 07/25/2016
Welcome to the 2016-2017 Season!

Teams for the 2016-2017

season have been posted for:


Girls U10
Girls U12
Girls U14



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by posted 05/05/2016
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